Multi Select PHP

Today I searched multi select php to find out how php handled the passing of this input field. I found out that you need add the square brackets to the end of the name value of your select element for PHP to pick up all of the values in an array. Below is an example of the code:

The Multiple Select Box



	if ($selectData){
	    foreach ($selectData as $sd){
               echo 'Selected Value '.$sd;

Free/Open Source PDF Editor

Today I searched for a free PDF editor… I was looking to replace an image in a PDF file that I had. After some time with the Google’s, I found out that this can be achieved with Open Office!!

It does not edit the PDF directly, but it is very simple. You just need to install the PDF Import extension. It will open the PDF up in Draw for editing. After editing you can export back to a new PDF with the changes. Follow the steps below to give it a whirl:

  1. Download the PDF Import extension from the link above. After Downloading it you can double click on it and Open Office will bring up the extension manager to install it

  2. Open Open Office Draw

  3. Select File –> Open and navigate to the PDF you wish to edit

  4. The file should now be imported into draw. Make the necessary edits. At this point I also recommend saving the native draw file in case you want to make future edits

  5. Click on the PDF icon on the toolbar or navigate to File –> Export as PDF.

50GB Free Online Storage With ADrive

Today I Searched free online storage for my home backup solution. I was in search for a large amount of free disk space and found ADrive

They offer 50GB of free storage space. This this is the catch, you must use their Java Applet file upload to send your files into the cloud. They do not have any SSL option for the free storage, but I am using it to backup static media (pictures and video). I have started to upload files to their server, and found the applet a little bit more handy than I expected. You can pick entire directories to upload and will will keep you directory structure when the files are sent up. Here are a couple gotchas that I ran into using the applet and did not see these documented anywhere:

  1. You can only upload no more than 1000 files per transfer
  2. You can’t upload more than 2GB per transfer

Other than those 2 things it is working out well so far.

The applet allows you to download files back to your computer and will retain the directory structure, which is helpful if needing to restore from a backup. I have not yet tested to see if the same files and transfer size limitations apply to the download as well. I suspect that they may.

Another bonus it the ability to share files that are in the cloud. They cannot be password protected, but it will create a URL that can be emailed to someone. It is kind of a security by obscurity philosophy on the free version.

Adrive can be purchased for $6.95 / month if you are in need of the ability to do a remote transfer. This includes FTP, WebDav, and SSL encryption.

I am going to look for a free backup solution for my files that change on a regular basis. Feel free to let me know what you think is the best free option for secure backup’s in the cloud and has the ability to install a client with scheduling.

Virtuemart For Joomla Database Model 1.1.2

Today we searched for a Virtuemart DB model and failed, so we created our own :-)

We created this model in Toad Database Designer. We have provided the link to the design file if anyone would like to utilize it, and a link to the PNG of the model. Please provide feedback on any relations that may not be correct, or are missing.

To download the Toad design file CLICK HERE

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